The Changeling - Search for Humanity Video Game!

We're making a video game! Follow along the journey as we take this from conception to completion!

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Anthony Delaney - Games: Artbook 1 Now Available!

This collection features a 40 page art book containing video game related content illustrated by Anthony! This new collection includes the following items in each package:

  • Bluray Case that can easily hide among your collection!
  • 40pg Bluray size Art Book with matching cover art!
  • Matching Foldable Artwork Poster approx. 11.5"x18.5" in size!
  • Set of 5 3x5 Mini-Prints, chosen at random!
  • Set of 5 4" Die-Cut Stickers! 
  • Holofoil Trading Card, chosen at random!
  • Honorary Change1ing Membership Card!
  • Funny Money!
  • USB Drive with wallpapers, artwork and complete set of The Changeling Digital Edition Comic Books!
  • Mystery Goodies!

 This is a ton of content wrapped up in one little Bluray Case! Be sure to get yours!

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Gamer Girl Art Print Available!

The newest Art Print, Gamer Girl by Change1ing / Anthony Delaney!

Available in multiple sizes!

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Friday Dec. 8 Art Drop - Kitana!

Fatality! This week's Art Drop features Kitana in her Mortal Kombat II outfit! Illustrated in Clip Studio Paint by me!

Prints are available in 5x7, 11x17 and 18x24 sizes!

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Friday Dec. 1 Art Drop - Mega Man!

We're rolling into December with a new piece of mine for you to add to your walls! I retooled this piece I illustrated of Mega Man way back in 2009, and am now re-releasing it in all of it's glory!

Prints are available in 5x7, 11x17 and 18x24 sizes!

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Friday Nov. 24 Art Drop - Lollipop Chainsaw!

Introducing the Friday Art Drop! Each new piece Anthony illustrates will debut here the following Friday! First up is Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw!

Illustrated in Clip Studio Paint!

Prints are available in 5x7, 11x17 and 18x24 sizes!

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The Changeling Issue 7 is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Hell has broken out on Earth, and The Changeling has found a way to control the near totality of humanity!

Luciferia is looking to bring an end to The Changeling, but quickly finds out that doing so without the hundreds of years of power at her disposal may prove an impossible task, and leaves her questioning her sacrifice to take on The Changeling as a mortal on earth. What has happened to the landscape of Earth since humanity has been subdued by The Changeling? Is there anything left of the Girl's humanity underneath her possessed body?

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Demoncade Deluxe Gameplay

  • Different Demoncade Themes!

    The Changeling Demoncade comes available in 6 different skins, including this Double Dragon Homage by Dan Mendoza!

  • A New Beginning!

    AyeDee Studio's new shop allows for much more ease of use to get your favorite Changeling items, and allows for the ability to finance purchases over multiple payments!

  • Book Sets!

    First time reader? We offer different Changeling book sets so you can get in on the action either as a collector or as a casual reader!