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Anthony Delaney's Games: Art Book 1

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Introducing Anthony Delaney - Games: Art Book 1!

This collection features a 40 page art book containing video game related content illustrated by Anthony! This new collection includes the following items in each package:

  • Bluray Case that can easily hide among your collection!
  • 40pg Bluray size Art Book with matching cover art!
  • Matching Foldable Artwork Poster approx. 11.5"x18.5" in size!
  • Set of 5 3x5 Mini-Prints, chosen at random!
  • Set of 5 4" Die-Cut Stickers! 
  • Holofoil Trading Card, chosen at random!
  • Honorary Change1ing Membership Card!
  • Funny Money!
  • USB Drive with wallpapers, artwork and complete set of The Changeling Digital Edition Comic Books!
  • Mystery Goodies!

 This is a ton of content wrapped up in one little Bluray Case! Be sure to get yours!


The Main Component to this awesome art collection is the Art Book itself!

This 40 page Art Book collects video game inspired artwork illustrated by Anthony, featuring previously published work as well as all new pieces, and is sized the same as a PS3 Game's Instruction Manual!

40pg Art Book!

Includes a set of 5 Mini-Prints!

5 Randomly Chosen Mini-Prints will also be included with your Art Book! These prints vary by rarity, as some will be more collectible than others!

Set of 5 Mini Prints

Oh yeah, AND you get a set of Die Cut Stickers!

This Set of 5 4" Die Cut Stickers will also be included with your Art Book! These stickers are weather resistant, and made with the best materials and print quality!

Set of 5 Die Cut Stickers

Foldable Poster!

Also included is a matching 11.5"x18.5" Foldable Poster! 

Foldable Poster!

Members Only!

You'll receive this Membership Card with your Art Book! Not recommended for getting out of Traffic Tickets, but maybe it still has a use???

Membership Card

Funny Money!

Get (Change1ing) Cash BACK from your Art Book acquisition! These Change1ing Bucks just MIGHT be good for SOMETHING! You'll just have to see!

Funny Money

A Digital Library with your Collection!

You'll also receive a USB Drive containing extra Artwork, Changeling Comic Books, Wallpapers, Line Art and more! 

Digital Portfolio

AND a Commemorative Holofoil Trading Card!

Last but not least, you'll also receive a commemorative 2 Sided Holofoil Trading Card!


Holofoil Trading Card


Each unit will come shrinkwrapped, wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped protected in a sturdy Gemini Mailer; preventing damage to your product in shipping!